Back To Square One

So I went for my Beta test (blood test for pregnancy) and the results were less than 1 - so negative.  It was a weekend when we got the results and the guys knew I could access my results online so I had to be the one to break it to them that the transfer… Continue reading Back To Square One


T-Day – Transfer Day!

Sunday was the big day - transfer day! Since it's a long weekend here in Canada Nigel and I decided it'd be a good idea to head up the night before so we weren't battling insane traffic at a painfully early time in the morning.  We hadn't had a night away from the kids in… Continue reading T-Day – Transfer Day!

Candle lit needles

One of the most important things about your meds, especially your needles, is that you have to do them at the same time every day.  With the PIO needles you have a 2 hour window.  It HAS to be done rather within an hour before or after the injection time of the day before.  With… Continue reading Candle lit needles

Needle Time!

One of the most terrifying pieces of info relayed to me in the beginning parts of my first journey was that I would have to give myself needles.  I HAAAAATE needles (but then again - does anyone actually like them?). Lo and behold though, once I got over all the fear and buildup I realized… Continue reading Needle Time!

Stocking Up on Pregnancy Tests!

Today we were at the mall so I decided to stock up on pregnancy tests.  Nigel was embarrassed that I not only needed to buy 6 pregnancy tests but also that I made fun of him. A small shoutout to dollar store tests....a lot of people think since they are from the dollar store they… Continue reading Stocking Up on Pregnancy Tests!

Day 10 Lining Check!

So today was our day 10 lining check.  Since it's just bloodwork and a super quick ultrasound to measure my utuerine lining I tried to find a closer clinic (well technically I asked the girls at the agency to find one) but no luck.  It takes me a few hours to get to Toronto so… Continue reading Day 10 Lining Check!

Estrace and Me

My husband has been very complementary these past few days.  I know I've been a raging lunatic most of the time thanks to the Estrace......but the Estrace also makes my boobs bigger so maybe that's why? 😉

A Brief Overview of Surrogacy

Chances are pretty good if you're delving into a surrogacy blog you probably know the basics of surrogacy.  Even still, I'm going to give a brief overview of surrogacy for any of you in the beginning stages. Surrogacy is when a woman intentionally becomes pregnant, carries a child and delivers that child for parents who… Continue reading A Brief Overview of Surrogacy

Emily’s Pharmacy

A big aspect of a surrogacy journey is always the meds.  The fertility clinic puts you on so many meds and hormones D&J joked I now have my own pharmacy. I started meds today on Day 2 of my cycle, which was Sunday.  So far I'm taking 2mg of Estrace three times daily and 81… Continue reading Emily’s Pharmacy